Jesus modelled small group ministry in his relationship with his disciples. Can you see the value?

Joining one of our PODS small groups can be integral to the strength and longevity of your faith. PODS small groups demonstrate the vitality of our fellowship.

It becomes the place:

  • Where our personal faith can develop strong roots in Christ as we grow our faith alongside others;
  • Where we nurture the seeds of potential to become influential and fruitful;
  • Where we proceed to multiply; and
  • Where we offer a safe place to explore, probe, question and be vulnerable.


It is instructional and relational

The small group ministry is devoted to growth and care through:

  • Discipleship;
  • Fellowship; and
  • Outreach.

It is where we see:

  • A healthy balance between Bible study, prayer, worship, and fellowship;
  • A healthy development of participants; and
  • A healthy and consistent development of leaders.

What does ‘PODS’ represent?