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Children's Ministry

Children’s Ministry

A range of Children’s ministry activities occurs on Sundays and through each week. This range includes Play Group, Toddler Jam, Noah’s Ark (Sunday), Chimp Squirrel, and Sunday Creche.

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Youth Ministry

Youth and Young Adults

A range of Youth and Young Adult’s ministry activities occurs on Sundays and through each week. The week starts on Sunday with a young people’s Bible class, anmd later the weekly Night Church Service. Most weeks during School terms Ignite and LJYA are happening events!

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Men's Ministry


Every day men are bombarded with mixed ideas about success, relationships and happiness. Now, more than ever, it’s hard to be a man – especially the kind of man God wants each of us to be. momentum seeks to encourage men to pursue God and to equip them in every way – for spiritual service in the home, workplace, Church, community and world.

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Women's Ministry


Our desire is to see women flourish in the sanctuary of God’s house, becoming firmly rooted in His love, nourished with His living Word, and securely surrounded by a faithful fellowship. As women of the Word we are ONE, unified in Christ. Yet we are not all alike. Our Women’s Ministry embraces this colourful diversity. Through Bible studies, fellowship events and outreach opportunities – women will be equipped and challenged through this program.

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Small Groups

Small Groups (PODS)

A healthy small group ministry is where we see:
– a healthy balance between Bible study (discussion around a Scriptural/ministry focus), prayer, worship, and fellowship;
– healthy development of participants; and
– healthy and consistent development of leaders.

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