Rock the Boats 2016

On Friday evening and Saturday morning 20 and 21 May 2016, Lake Joondalup Baptist Church held its second “Rock the Boats” seminar (the first was held in September 2014).

This time round a broader range of topics – asylum seekers and refugees, Christian ethics, homelessness in the City of Joondalup, ethical purchasing, the environment, personal advocacy, Baptist World Aid Australia’s Catalyst program, and personal preparation for an election – were discussed.

The following Podcasts are the recordings of Keynote addresses and combined question and answer sessions from Troy Pickard (Mayor, City of Joondalup), Michael O’Neil (Vose Seminary), Scott Higgins (A Just Cause), and Eliza Johnson (Baptist World Aid Australia).  Please note that Mayor Pickard’s contribution is unfortunately limited to the Session 2 – Combined Q&A.  During the first Session on the Saturday morning a sizeable storm that crossed Perth also contributed to the loss of the Mayor’s recorded Address on homelessness in the City of Joondalup.  Our apologies for that.  (We are attempting to see what audio we can extract from the video recording taken on the day …  Watch this space.)

Friday Evening 20 May – Session 1
Rev Michael O’Neil;
Rev Scott Higgins;
Combined Q&A

Saturday Morning 21 May – Session 2
Mayor Troy Pickard- Homelessness in the City of Joondalup – UNAVAILABLE;
Eliza Johnson – Ethical Purchasing;
Rev Scott Higgins – The Environment;
Combined Q&A

Saturday Morning 21 May – Session 3
Eliza Johnson – Personal Advocacy and Catalyst;
Rev Scott Higgins – Preparing to Cast a Vote in an Election;
Combined Q&A