Position Paper 2 – Where Do We Stand – Homosexuality and the Church

In June 2015 a Position Paper on “Homosexuality and the Church”, and prepared by Pastor Wayne, was approved by the Elder Board.  That Position Paper can be found at:

The shorter form Flyer from that Position Paper can be found here.

Here is a link to Pastor Guy Mason’s Message from October 2016 titled What would Jesus Say to Someone Who is Gay.  Guy Mason is the Senior Pastor at the City on a Hill Church on the east coast of Australia.


In addition, a link to a video on this matter currently before us follows:


Position Paper 1 – Where Do We Stand: Off Shore Processing of Asylum Seekers

Back in June 2014 Pastor Wayne wrote a Position Paper for an Assignment in Christian Ethics.  The submitted Assignment was a small subset of this:

referred to in this page.  You can also find the specific document here.  Very early in its development, Pastor Wayne suggested to the Elder Board that such a Paper should be discussed by the people that make up Lake Joondalup Baptist Church.

The Elder Board has approved this version of the Position Paper for publishing to our web site, and to the Facebook page that the Church puts into social media.

On Sunday 21 September 2014 we held a Forum on the complex and sometimes troubling matter of Asylum Seekers to our country, and developed recommendations on the action we might take as a local body of believers in Jesus Christ to what is becoming a world problem.  We invited interested folks from Baptist Churches from around Western Australia, and other keenly associated people.

We also had Rev Rod Benson from New South Wales visiting with us to be the Keynote Speaker for the Forum.

Work still continues out of that Forum and the recommendations and actions arising from it.  We will keep you posted on further details as they arise.

We are more than occasionally asked – “where does the Church stand on …”  This Forum will provide for us, as a Church fellowship, the opportunity to consider this first Position Paper.  It has been developed by our own people on a matter of considerable complexity and points of view.

I commend the reading to you.


Pastor Stephen  (Updated August 2017)