Ignite is our youth ministry, we are a community of young people who come together to connect with God and each other. Everybody is welcome and everybody belongs. All of our events are a celebration of the life we have in Jesus.

We meet in small groups called our ‘clusters’ that do the activities you love doing with your friends. Some clusters play sport, some play board games, some do craft, some just hang out or do more traditional youth group activities. Our clusters are intentionally small so that it feels like a family and students are able to connect with their leaders and each other. Twice a term we come together for our ‘Main Events’ this is where we do all our larger scale activities as one big group. Each main event night has a different theme and is all kinds of fun.

We have a dedicated team of leaders who want to see high school students come to Christ. We believe that the best way to reach young people is through community, relationship and discipleship. We love what we do and we love our students.

We meet up for 8 weeks of the term on Friday nights, 6:30-9:00pm. Every week someone preaches and we have small group times to discuss and pray together. We hope you can join us.

Summer Camp and Winter Camp

Young adults are invited to join us for two awesome weekends away every year. Our young adult crew go camping and make memories together. At summer camp we play sport and go to the beach and at winter camp we sit around the campfire and watch the stars. These camps are all about building community and doing life together. We include teaching and devotion sessions, aimed at assisting people to engage with God. These camps go hand in hand with our small groups and strengthen the ministry and community of our night church.